At very low temperatures Solvent Free Adhesive

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    Different proportion with different raw materials prepared polyurethane glue , you can get a series of different hardness of the Pur Gum, from soft to hard. It can glue different sticky objects.

    5. good wear resistance

    It’s suitable for wear-resistant plastic. There is a kind of turbine blade with wear-resistant adhesive, when the addition of polyurethane glue, the plastic indoor wear test life from the original half an hour to dozens of hours.

    6. outstanding low temperature performance

    At very low temperatures, the general polymer materials are converted to glassy and become brittle. However, the polyurthane glue can maintain a high peel strength even at - 250 ℃. As the temperature decreases, the shear strength increases significantly.

    Biocompatible amalgam allyl 2-cyanoacrylate and hydroxyapatite alloyed for Solvent Free Adhesive .

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